Apple Update on ‘App Farming’: Only 400 Accounts Compromised

Recently, a dishonest developer was expelled from the marketplace, but not before several iTunes accounts were exploited to boost his rankings in the Books section.

Apple’s official statement today advised caution (change your passwords, consult your bank, avoid repeat mistakes), while other sources have unearthed more tales of compromised user accounts, even implicating game developer Storm8, which had previously faced legal issues for harvesting user phone numbers.

Alarmingly, some users affected by the iTunes account breaches assert that despite having robust passwords and avoiding phishing scams, they found unauthorized purchases worth hundreds of dollars charged to their accounts.

This unsettling trend of Apple ID thefts isn’t new—developer Joe Streno highlighted vulnerabilities in Apple’s password reset process after his own account was compromised in mid-2009.

According to recent updates from Apple (reported by Clayton Morris), less than 400 iTunes accounts were affected out of a total of over 150 million globally.

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