iPhone 4 Press Conference: Key Statistics and Figures

During a recent press briefing, Apple unveiled several intriguing statistics sourced from their own findings and AT&T’s data. Steve Jobs highlighted that to date, three million iPhone 4 units have been sold.

Here’s a deeper look into the numbers presented:

0.55 percent: This figure represents the proportion of iPhone 4 owners who have reported antenna or reception issues to AppleCare, totaling approximately 16,500 cases. It remains unclear if this statistic includes complaints related to the proximity sensor.

Jobs did mention that a future software update is expected to resolve issues with the proximity sensor.

1.7 percent: This percentage reflects the number of iPhone 4 devices returned to AT&T within the first 22 days of its release, which equates to about 51,000 units. In comparison, the iPhone 3GS had a return rate of 6 percent during a similar period after its launch, despite having fewer units sold than the iPhone 4.

The final statistic shared indicates that AT&T experiences less than one additional call drop per 100 calls with the iPhone 4 compared to the iPhone 3GS.

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