Ryu Murakami Launches iPad-Exclusive New Book

Perhaps you’re like me, not deeply versed in Japanese literature beyond the occasional manga. It was only upon encountering this narrative that I discovered Ryu Murakami, whose notable works include the chilling Audition. Directed by Takashi Miike, Audition is a film that pushes the boundaries of horror to new heights.

But let’s pivot back to the main topic.

Murakami’s newest creation, A Singing Whale, is poised to make its debut solely on the iPad. This innovative approach bypasses traditional publishers, offering the work exclusively through the Japanese App Store for approximately US $17, with thirty percent of sales benefiting Apple. The remainder will be distributed among Murakami, acclaimed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the software developers involved in the project.

You might wonder why a composer is integral to this project.

This isn’t just about Murakami challenging the norms of publishing. Similar to other interactive titles available on the App Store, such as Alice in Wonderland, this book incorporates a significant multimedia dimension, making it unsuitable for traditional publishing methods.

My only hope is that A Singing Whale doesn’t mirror the disturbing themes of Audition. If it does, the multimedia elements could turn out to be quite unsettling.

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