Apple Launches iBooks Update 1.1.1 with New Features

In the wake of the recent iTunes 9.2.1 update, Apple has also rolled out a new version of its iBooks application, now at version 1.1.1.

This update brings notable enhancements, particularly in the handling of PDFs, offering “substantial performance improvements.” Although the update does not extend all the features available to e-books to PDFs, such as in-text dictionary access or note-taking, it does improve the fluidity of navigating through PDF documents.

Additional enhancements in iBooks 1.1.1 include:

  • The capability to double-tap on an image within a book to zoom in for a closer look.
  • Support for books that contain multimedia elements like audio and video.
  • The ability to define English words within books that do not have a designated language setting.
  • A fix for an issue that occasionally prevented the completion of book downloads.
  • Overall enhancements to stability and performance.

The update is currently available at no cost for users of both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch via the App Store.

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