Research Reveals iPad Owners as Elitist, Non-Owners as Independent Geeks

According to a recent analysis by MyType, which surveyed the views of 20,000 individuals, it appears that those who own iPads are generally affluent, well-educated, and score low on measures of empathy and generosity. Essentially, they are perceived as wealthy and intelligent, yet also entitled and somewhat unsympathetic.

The study suggests a distinct profile for iPad critics as well, labeling them as “independent geeks.” These individuals are described as self-reliant, young, and have a penchant for nonconformity, with keen interests in video games, computing, and technology.

For those who are not fans of the iPad, and are quite outspoken about it, the study indicates that this stance might be more than just about the device—it could be a deeper expression of personal identity against mainstream tech culture. Not owning an iPad, according to the findings, could be a form of self-definition for these individuals.

While it’s easy to oversimplify these findings, the reality is more nuanced.

There are undoubtedly iPad owners who are generous, just as there are non-owners who aren’t necessarily seeking to establish their identity through their tech choices. However, the research does highlight some observable patterns, reinforcing previous observations that iPad owners are generally wealthier and more educated than those without the device.

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