Initial Review: OmniFocus App on iPad – Features & Usability

With the recent launch of OmniFocus for iPad now available in the App Store, my experience with the app has been limited but encouraging. The app is priced at $39.99, positioning it as a premium option within the iPad marketplace.

OmniFocus elevates the concept of to-do lists, allowing users to flesh out ideas and organize them into distinct projects, tasks, and “contexts.” This organization method ensures that tasks are relevant to your current location and activity, keeping work and home tasks separate, for instance.

The app supports local data usage, syncing across devices including desktops and Mobile Me.

This feature is particularly useful for those who are already familiar with OmniFocus on other devices like a personal computer or iPhone, as it seamlessly integrates with the iPad’s unique capabilities and larger display.

OmniFocus for iPad is designed with the new user in mind, featuring a series of introductory items that guide you through the app’s features and functionalities. Users can quickly learn to add tasks, set deadlines, and link tasks to specific projects.

The user interface is specifically tailored for the iPad, offering a spacious and intuitive workspace that is a significant step up from the constraints of smaller screens.

While the app’s high price point may not appeal to casual users, it is clearly designed for professional users who require a comprehensive task management system. My initial impressions of the app are positive, with features like a calendar-driven Forecast screen and an elegantly designed project and context management system that demonstrate the thought and effort put into its development.

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