Sony Targets iPhone Gaming in Latest PSP Commercial

In a bold marketing move, Sony has launched an attack on the iPhone and its gaming capabilities through a new advertisement for their PSP system. The commercial is part of the “Marcus PSP” campaign, featuring the comedic talents of Bobb’e J. Thompson from 30 Rock, who plays a young advisor critiquing iPhone users for not engaging with more substantial “big boy games.” Highlighted games such as Twisted Metal: Head-On and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee are showcased, each available for $9.99, though it’s specified that this price is per game, not for both.

The advertisement subtly suggests that while the iPhone is suitable for texting and calls, it falls short in the gaming department when compared to Sony’s offerings.

This approach marks a direct challenge to iPhone game developers, portraying them as less experienced than those at Sony. This is a significant shift in tone from Nintendo, who has previously downplayed the competitive threat posed by Apple, even as they acknowledged that Apple is an eventual enemy but remained unconcerned about the App Store.


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