WSJ Reports: iAds Struggle to Gain Initial Momentum

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the debut of iAds has encountered several hurdles as advertisers adjust to Apple’s stringent control measures.

As noted by Gruber, “Better get used to it.” The WSJ highlights that out of the initial 17 partners announced at the launch of the program (iAds was announced in April and officially launched in July), only a handful, including Unilever PLC and Nissan Co., had their advertisements running by last month. Subsequently, only a few others like J.C.

Penny, Disney, and Citigroup have initiated their ad campaigns. From personal observation, the Nissan Leaf advertisement is the only one I’ve encountered.

Feedback from some users suggests that the initial phases and the final rollout of the ads are taking longer than expected.

Idea generation sessions have extended up to 10 weeks, with Apple adding an additional two weeks to finalize the advertisements, according to insiders.

However, not all feedback is negative. A representative from Nissan expressed to the WSJ the impressive outcomes of their iAds campaign, stating, “[iAds] has driven exceptional results to date.” They highlighted that the engagement rates from iOS users are five times higher than those from their online campaigns.

Apple’s renowned firm hold over creative processes continues to be a challenge for advertisers accustomed to more rapid production cycles.

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