Marketcircle Launches New Billings Pro Software

Following a period of anticipation and a private beta phase, Marketcircle has officially launched Billings Pro 1.0. This advanced version of Billings is designed to support multiple users, catering specifically to the needs of small businesses.

As a longtime user of both Billings and Billings Touch, I have a deep appreciation for these tools. While my solo operations don’t require multi-user functionality, many businesses do, and Marketcircle is committed to providing these users with a seamless Billings experience across multiple platforms, including Mac, iPhone, and the web.

Billings Pro enhances productivity with its easy-to-use time tracking feature.

Users simply select the project task, start the timer, and focus on their work. Stopping the timer records the session, and all data is synced automatically.

The latest iteration introduces managerial features such as “Timecard,” which allows for tracking of mileage, project-related expenses, and time, all accessible through a contemporary web interface, including on Mobile Safari.

Marketcircle offers several pricing strategies for Billings Pro. Users can secure a single-user license for a one-time payment of US$199.95.

This purchase grants permanent access to the software without recurring fees. An upgrade from Billings 3 to Billings Pro is available for $174.95 per user. Alternatively, there is a monthly subscription option available at $24.95 per user.

Additionally, there is a Billings Pro Starter Bundle which includes Billings Pro, Billings Pro Touch, Timecard, Switchboard, and a year of Premium Support, priced at $1,429.50 for up to five users.

We are currently preparing a comprehensive review of Billings Pro and will share our findings shortly.


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