Web Automation Simplified with Fake.app: Powerful Tools

Todd Ditchendorf, the mind behind Celestial Teapot Software, is widely recognized for his development of Fluid, a Site-Specific Browser that has garnered much attention. However, his more recent creation, Fake, stands out as particularly innovative. Describing Fake simply, it could be considered Automator for web interactions. Although it may not attract the broad audience that Fluid does, it certainly holds significant value for web designers, developers, and other advanced users.

Fake provides a library of Actions similar to Automator, enabling users to construct drag-and-drop workflows tailored for the web. This includes capabilities to fill out forms, click buttons, and navigate through links, essentially automating any task that involves HTML and DOM elements.

Users can also inject CSS and JavaScript into pages, which is particularly useful for tasks like security testing. Intrigued? Keep reading.

With Fake, you can assemble a simple workflow to automate tasks such as navigating to a form and uploading a file. You can enhance this with loops for stress testing, add conditional logic and error handling, and incorporate assertions. While it doesn’t replace user testing, it comes close and can assist in identifying bugs that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Not just for developers, Fake simplifies repetitive tasks such as form filling, text searching on websites, and screenshot capturing for any user. It integrates seamlessly with AppleScript, making it a versatile tool for incorporating web automation into nearly any workflow.

The application is well-documented, with ample support available within the app itself.

For new users, it’s advisable to peruse the documentation to uncover some of the more subtle features, such as “Connecting,” which allows for drag-and-drop interaction between Actions and live web elements, reminiscent of Interface Builder. Todd has also put together some video tutorials on Vimeo that are worth watching.

A free trial of Fake can be downloaded from the Fake.app website. This trial version is somewhat limited, allowing only up to eight actions per workflow and does not permit saving workflows. However, it provides a good overview of the app’s capabilities. For those needing more robust functionality, a full license is available for US$29.95.

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