Upcoming Game Center Updates for Popular Games

If you’ve been exploring Apple’s newly launched Game Center service and adding friends, you might have noticed that its social features are functioning impressively. However, the real question is: where are the games? Although developers have had access to the service since it was first introduced under NDA at WWDC, Apple has been slow in approving games that integrate with Game Center.

Thankfully, the wait for these games should be over soon, as Apple is likely to approve them shortly. According to a member of the Touch Arcade forum, Project-79, several games have announced their plans to support Game Center.

Titles such as Field Runners, Flight Control, Super Mega Worm, and Angry Birds are expected to roll out updates soon, allowing players to start earning achievements.

It’s important to note that some highly anticipated games are still on their way to Game Center. For instance, Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 2 was recently revealed through a Game Center screenshot. Additionally, everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of Epic Games’ Project Sword, which was showcased with full Game Center functionality at the recent Apple event.

More exciting games are expected to join Game Center shortly.

Update: It appears that Ms. PAC-MAN has become the first game to be updated with Game Center support. However, you might want to hold off on this one, as reports suggest that it’s not the best version available.

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