iTunes Guide: Playing Music from Others & Enhancing Contrast

In a recent update to iTunes 10, users have discovered a couple of handy features that might have flown under the radar. According to 9to5Mac, one of the more exciting updates allows users to connect any iOS device that contains music to iTunes 10 and play the music directly, bypassing the need to switch to “manual sync mode.” This is particularly useful in social settings—imagine being able to instantly play your music at a friend’s gathering simply by connecting your iPhone.

While traditional restrictions on music sharing remain (such as the inability to download tracks purchased on different accounts), this feature simplifies the listening experience significantly.

Another useful tip comes from Mac OS X Hints, which addresses the issue of the less vibrant, grayed-out icons in iTunes 10’s sidebar. By executing a specific command in Terminal, users can activate a “high contrast mode” within the application.

This change doesn’t restore the original color scheme but does invert the sidebar colors, offering an alternative visual that some may find more appealing.


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