Speculation: Verizon iPhone Launch Set for Early Next Year

According to a recent publication by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is set to begin the production of a new iPhone model compatible with Verizon’s network by the end of this year, aiming for a market launch in early 2011. This upcoming version will be based on the iPhone 4 architecture but will incorporate CDMA technology, which is different from the GSM 3G technology currently used by AT&T.

Qualcomm is reported to be the supplier of a crucial component for this new device.

The report, which cites sources familiar with Apple’s plans, although not rich in detail, appears on a highly credible news platform known for its cautious approach to unverified news. If accurate, this development could signify the termination of AT&T’s exclusive arrangement with Apple, potentially broadening the availability of the iPhone across additional U.S.


This development has been the subject of speculation on multiple occasions in the past.

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Tj Luoma

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