Widespread Speculation: iPhone Expected to Launch on Verizon

The New York Times has joined a growing list of outlets reporting that the iPhone may soon be available through Verizon, possibly as early as next year. Despite the persistent rumors, this new information appears to be backed by credible sources.

Given the widespread dissatisfaction with AT&T’s service and policies, it will be intriguing to see if Verizon offers a more accommodating environment for the iPhone’s unique needs.

There’s also speculation about what Verizon might require from Apple in return, such as pre-installing Verizon’s own software and services on the devices. However, given Apple’s strong position, any partnership with Verizon will likely still favor Apple’s terms.

As the situation develops, it seems more probable that an iPhone with Verizon service could soon be a reality.

Unlike previous occasions, where outright denials were the norm, there is now a noticeable silence from both parties involved. Keep an eye on this development.


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