Apple May Integrate MagSafe Charging into iPads

On this fine Monday afternoon, let’s delve into a fascinating development from Apple. Patently Apple has shared news that Apple is contemplating the addition of the MagSafe Power Port to its mobile devices, including the iPad.

A recently published continuation patent from October 7th, 2010 by the US Patent and Trademark Office illustrates a device resembling an iPhone / iPod touch / iPad equipped with what is identified as figure 62, showing a power connector.

This connector, as further detailed in additional diagrams, is identified by Patently Apple as a MagSafe Power Port, a detail we at TUAW find quite plausible.

The MagSafe power adapter and port, which were originally launched in 2006 and later modified in April, are ingeniously designed to magnetically attach the power cable to devices like the MacBook / Pro / Air. This feature not only ensures a secure connection but also allows for an instant disconnect if the cable is accidentally yanked, preventing the device from being pulled off a surface.

While it’s hard to envision Apple introducing just a standalone power port for the iPad, integrating MagSafe’s magnetic release feature into the existing 30-pin connector used across iPods, iPhones, and iPads could be highly beneficial. Imagine the convenience of a MagSafe-like detachment preventing your iPhone from crashing to the floor after snagging the cable.

Apple initially filed for this patent in June, with the follow-up continuation patent filed in October. According to Patently Apple, this might indicate Apple’s urgency in securing the patent for a potential new product launch. However, as with all patents, it remains uncertain if these innovations will transition into actual products, or if they’re merely moves to protect Apple’s intellectual property.


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