Acer Chairman Downplays iPad’s Market Impact

During a recent presentation in Taiwan, J.T.

Wang, the Chairman of Acer, expressed his belief that the market for netbooks remains robust globally, with the exception of the US and UK markets.

He optimistically noted that the initial surge in iPad purchases might have been driven by novelty rather than sustained demand, observing that many users eventually revert to traditional desktops or laptops for more intensive document and spreadsheet tasks.

Addressing concerns about Acer’s declining market share, Wang attributed the downturn to aggressive price reductions by competitors, a strategy Acer has chosen not to emulate.

According to a report from DigiTimes, Acer’s upcoming tablet, which will feature a 7-inch screen and operate on Android, has been delayed as the company awaits the advancement of necessary technologies.

Contrasting views were highlighted by Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, who earlier commented on the impracticality of 7-inch tablets despite ongoing rumors about Apple’s development of a similarly sized device.

[Source: Electronista]


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