Sausage-Scented iPhone Soap: Unique Bath Product

Imagine a bar of soap shaped like an iPhone, but with a twist – it emits the aroma of grilled meats. This quirky creation is the brainchild of Etsy seller twoeggplants, who has indeed taken the novelty soap game to a new level by offering an iPhone-shaped soap that smells like your favorite barbecue.

While it might be odd to wish your real iPhone smelled of sausages without the mess, this soap might just be the next best thing.

For those who prefer their cleansing products to carry a more conventional scent, customization options are available. Perhaps a fragrance that smells like fresh apples might appeal? Currently, the product is sold out, likely due to its popularity spurred by blog features.

Nonetheless, the concept of a soap that brings a hint of grilled sausage to your bathroom routine remains a delightful novelty.

Tj Luoma

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