Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village Outperforms Angry Birds in Revenue

When Smurfs’ Village was launched, many were skeptical about another freemium game entering the market, especially one based on the Smurfs. However, the game has defied expectations by not only becoming popular but also surpassing Angry Birds in revenue on the App Store.

This free-to-play game allows players to purchase “smurfberries” to accelerate the growth of their virtual crops and buildings, a strategy that seems to be highly lucrative as it outperforms the millions of 99-cent downloads of Angry Birds.

The success of Smurfs’ Village is prompting other companies to explore the freemium model. Sega has recently launched a freemium MMO titled Kingdom Conquest, and EA is planning to release something similar soon.

Despite Capcom’s varied attempts to dominate the iPhone gaming scene with different titles, none have reached the financial success of Smurfs’ Village, not even the well-received Street Fighter IV.

This trend suggests that we might see more freemium offerings from Capcom and other major developers in the future. It raises the question of who is driving these purchases: savvy gamers investing in their virtual worlds, or unsuspecting parents who will be shocked by their next credit card statement?


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