Exploring the Artistic Destruction of Apple Products

It seems that the trend of creatively destroying Apple products has not yet subsided. In a project by Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild, viewers are treated to a series of Apple products, from iPads to MacBooks, that have been dismantled and displayed in a visually striking manner against a pristine white backdrop.

While it may seem wasteful, the artistic intent perhaps justifies the destruction.

The duo utilized a high-resolution camera to capture the dismantled gadgets. Notably, some images feature duplicated “blood spatter” effects, suggesting post-production enhancements.

Among the various damaged items, a particularly memorable piece is an Apple Magic Mouse, segmented by a band saw into numerous slices.

Detailed shots reveal the intricate internal components of these devices. One notable image captures an iPad screen, cracked in a pattern that evokes natural forms like tree branches, with the ghost of its digital keyboard faintly visible beneath.

For those interested in seeing more, Fairchild’s online portfolio includes a collection of photographs taken with an iPhone, showcasing the device’s capabilities not just as a subject but as a tool for photography.

[Source: BoingBoing]

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