Poll Results: Apple iPad Gaining on Amazon Kindle in Popularity

The competition between the iPad and Amazon Kindle for the top spot in the e-reader market is heating up, with the iPad making significant strides in both ownership and user satisfaction, according to a recent survey by ChangeWave. The survey, which included responses from over 2,800 U.S.

consumers, revealed that 75% of iPad owners report being “very satisfied” with their device, compared to 54% of Kindle owners. When including those who are “somewhat satisfied,” the numbers are closer, with iPads at 96% and Kindles at 92%.

Paul Carton, the director of Research at ChangeWave, noted that the iPad has nearly doubled its market share in the e-reader sector since August, now claiming 32% of the market, a 16% increase.

Meanwhile, the Kindle’s share has decreased by 15%, now holding 47%. This shift indicates a rapidly changing landscape in consumer preferences within this market.

Looking ahead, the survey also highlighted future purchase intentions, showing that 42% of potential e-reader buyers lean towards purchasing an iPad, while 33% favor the Kindle.

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