Apple Intensifies Legal Battle with Motorola in Expanded Lawsuit

In Cupertino, the legal team at Apple might just be clocking in more hours than their engineering counterparts lately. The ongoing legal battle has intensified as Apple has expanded its patent lawsuit against Motorola, adding 12 additional claims.

This legal skirmish started in October when Motorola first filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that Apple had infringed on 18 of its patents related to various hardware and services.

Apple retaliated with a lawsuit claiming that Motorola’s Android-powered devices were infringing on Apple’s patents, particularly those concerning multi-touch technology. The recent legal documents filed by Apple have introduced 12 more patents into the fray, encompassing nine related to mobile phone technology and three concerning set-top box and DVR functionalities.

These patents are likely to be incorporated into Apple’s ongoing complaint with the International Trade Commission as well.

Although Apple now has 24 patents in play compared to Motorola’s 18, the sheer number doesn’t necessarily predict the outcome; the validity of many of these patents could still be contested. It’s expected that both parties will continue to engage in legal maneuvers, possibly filing for summary judgments in the coming years.


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