Apple and Publishers Discuss Magazine Subscription Terms

In the ongoing saga of Apple’s interactions with the media industry, a new chapter unfolds, particularly with magazine publishers who are hesitant to cede too much control to the tech giant. Despite reaching a form of agreement with the music industry, Apple finds itself at odds with magazine publishers over the terms of subscription services.

Apple proposes a revenue sharing model similar to what it uses for books and apps, where publishers would retain 70% of the revenue while Apple takes 30% for handling transactions and downloads.

However, publishers are pushing for more than just revenue; they want access to vital customer data, such as email addresses and credit card details, which Apple is reluctant to share.

As reported by AllThingsD, this standoff has persisted for several months with no publishers yet agreeing to Apple’s terms. Many are exploring alternatives, particularly with the impending release of Android tablets, which they hope will provide leverage against Apple’s dominant market position.

However, the effectiveness of this strategy remains to be seen, mirroring past scenarios in the audiobook and music sectors where companies like and Amazon have had to adapt to Apple’s market strength.

Meanwhile, as magazine publishers deliberate their next move, potential readers continue to consume content on their existing devices, often finding alternatives to traditional magazines. The rise of services like Instapaper has transformed how people think about consuming articles, with many bypassing traditional subscriptions in favor of a more digital and immediate reading experience sourced from social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr.

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