Major iOS Game Launches Today: Dungeon Hunter 2, Eternal Legacy, and More

As December rolls in, it brings with it not just the festive cheer of snow and mistletoe but also a flurry of new releases on the App Store. Among these, Infinity Blade has emerged as a frontrunner for the iOS game of the year.

However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Here’s a look at some other notable games that have made their debut:

  • Gameloft’s Eternal Legacy, priced at $6.99, offers an engaging Final Fantasy-style RPG experience with a compelling storyline and a robust battle system.

  • The much-anticipated Dungeon Hunter 2 is now available for $6.99.

    This sequel enhances its predecessor’s hack-and-slash gameplay and includes multiplayer features through Game Center.

  • Gameevil’s Illusia, available for $4.99, continues to charm with its casual action RPG style.

  • The awaited Puzzle Quest 2 is now out in a universal build for $9.99, offering a unique blend of RPG and puzzle gameplay.

  • EA has launched Monopoly for iPad for $9.99, featuring a multiplayer mode, a tutorial mode, and enhanced HD visuals.

  • Natural Motion has introduced a new Jenga game priced at $4.99 for iPad and $2.99 for iPhone, showcasing their proprietary physics engine.

  • Namco has released Bit.Trip Beat Blitz, a free version of their popular game, now with powerups adding a fresh twist to the gameplay.

With such an impressive lineup, the holiday season is sure to be exciting for gamers. And with more anticipated releases likely on the way, the rush isn’t over yet.


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