Apple Reportedly Bids on Nortel Patent Assets

Once a titan in the Canadian telecommunications equipment sector, Northern Telecom now teeters on the brink of oblivion, with industry giants like Apple and Google poised to snatch up valuable assets from its remains. These tech behemoths are reportedly in the running to acquire Nortel’s extensive patent portfolio.

Founded in 1882 by the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, Nortel was instrumental in the development of telecommunications infrastructure throughout North America.

During the 1990s, the company experienced significant growth by supplying essential technology for the burgeoning internet and mobile communications markets. However, the tech bubble burst precipitated a sharp decline, culminating in a bankruptcy filing in 2009.

Nortel’s collection of over 4,000 patents, valued at upwards of $1 billion, is now a coveted asset, particularly for companies like Apple and Google who are frequently embroiled in patent disputes over mobile technology.

Other potential bidders include Research in Motion and Motorola, who are eager to bolster their own defenses in ongoing intellectual property wars. Such conflicts often lead to cross-licensing deals, brokered to avoid litigation and allow companies to continue their operations unimpeded.

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