What Factors Influence Purchasing an iPad 2?

Time flies, and it’s almost a year since the announcement of the iPad. Soon, the device we know today will be referred to as “the original iPad,” among other names. If the leaks from Foxconn are accurate, we might be seeing the iPad 2 announced shortly, with availability following soon after.

There’s already buzz about the upcoming iPad 2 (we’ve caught wind of several iPad 2 rumors). Whether you’re considering an upgrade from your current iPad or you’re waiting for the new features of the second generation, it’s a good time to think about what would make the iPad 2 a must-buy for you.

For me, there are several enhancements I hope to see in the next iPad. Even if just a couple of these features are included, I’ll likely be purchasing one. Initially, I didn’t see a significant difference between the iPhone and my MacBook Pro to justify an iPad, but with the improvements in iOS and the iPhone 4, I’ve started to see the appeal of a larger screen for certain tasks.

Below, you can see my wishlist for the iPad 2, ranked by importance to my buying decision.


Support for 900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA for better international 3G compatibility. Given the quad-band antenna in the iPhone 4, this seems likely.

2. A minimum of 512MB of RAM. It’s surprising that the original iPad came with only 256MB when the iPhone 4 had twice that just a few months later. With multitasking now available, more RAM is essential.

3. 128GB of storage on the high-end model.

64GB is insufficient for my needs, especially considering the price. The price difference between the 64GB and 128GB 11″ MacBook Air is only $200, and there’s plenty of space in the iPad for more memory, as shown by iFixit’s teardown.

4. Increased display resolution. While a Retina Display may not be feasible yet, a resolution of 1600 x 1200 would be significant. Even 1280 x 960 would be a notable improvement, aligning the iPad’s portrait resolution with the iPhone 4’s landscape resolution, which could simplify app development.

5. FaceTime camera.


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