Exciting New iOS Game Releases: Real Racing 2, World of Goo & More

The App Store is bustling with activity as it rolls out a plethora of new apps, perfectly timed for the holiday rush. Gamers are in for a treat with several exciting releases either already available or expected to drop later today.

  • The adventure continues on the iPad with Telltale’s release of the initial episode of Tales of Monkey Island, picking up where the beloved classic left off.
  • Anticipation builds for this evening’s launch of Gameloft’s Shadow Guardian, reminiscent of Uncharted, alongside NOVA 2, its highly awaited sequel.

    Both games were teased earlier in a preview.

  • Sega revisits its classic with the App Store release of Altered Beast, which might stir up some nostalgic feelings.
  • In a surprising move, Eidos launches the previously console-exclusive Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad tomorrow, as noted in this announcement. The game has received rave reviews on other platforms.
  • For RPG enthusiasts, Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD offers a full 3D experience and is set to be available soon for $6.99.
  • The racing game Real Racing 2 debuts this evening, promising top-notch gameplay and graphics.
  • Last night saw the release of Riven: The Sequel to Myst, continuing the legacy of its iconic predecessor.
  • The eerie puzzle game The 7th Guest is now available on iPhone for US $2.99 and on iPad for $5.99.
  • Tonight, the acclaimed World of Goo makes its way to the iPad, expected to be a standout version.
  • EA’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 arrives in a compact iOS version, priced attractively at just 99 cents.
  • Although not new, Duke Nukem 3D and its iPad special edition are now available for free.
  • Seasonal updates are also in full swing, with both the educational Star Walk and the fun Super Mega Worm featuring festive Santa-themed enhancements.

With such a diverse array of games hitting the App Store, most of which will be live in the US by 11:00 PM Eastern time tonight, gamers have plenty to keep them entertained.

Some titles are already available in New Zealand, giving a sneak peek of what’s to come.


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