Visa Launches New iPhone App Featuring Discounts and Merchant Directory

According to a recent TechCrunch article, Visa has launched a new application for iPhone users in the United States, featuring connections to approximately 50 participating retailers. This application introduces two primary functionalities: Offers and Locator.

Offers: This feature allows users to receive exclusive discounts and promotions directly on their iPhones.

These offers can be saved on the device and used at various shopping outlets, whether in-store, online, or over the phone. Users can also customize their preferences to receive promotions most relevant to their interests.

Locator: This tool helps users find nearby ATMs that accept Visa and stores where special offers are available, complete with maps and directions.

The development of the Visa app was a collaborative effort with Monetize, a mobile banking company based in the UK.

As financial institutions continue to embrace iOS applications, it suggests that such apps may one day make physical wallets obsolete. However, for the time being, Visa’s app represents a tentative step into the mobile app arena, rather than a groundbreaking shift.

*The app was officially made available on November 24, as per iTunes.

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