Gun Bros Hits 2.8M Downloads, Zombie Farm at 7.3M

The App Store has been bustling with activity over the last few weeks, launching a series of massive games and updates. Despite the influx of new titles, classics like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds continue to dominate the charts, alongside major EA games that have seen a boost from recent price reductions. Amidst these developments, several new games have also made a mark.

One notable mention is the freemium title Gun Bros, which was previously highlighted as our Daily App choice.

It has amassed 2.8 million downloads and maintains 175,000 daily active users. While these numbers are impressive, they are particularly significant for a game that appeals more to hardcore gamers. Glu, the developer behind Gun Bros, continues to enhance the game experience with new updates, including a fresh planet to explore, festive gear, and additional in-game currency rewards for those updating their app.

Another game making waves is Zombie Farm, which cleverly combines elements of zombies and farming.

Since its launch, Zombie Farm has garnered 7.3 million downloads and is growing by about 25% each month. Despite some user complaints regarding bugs, the game has logged an astonishing 2.76 billion minutes of gameplay. While exact revenue figures remain undisclosed, the substantial in-game purchases suggest a lucrative outcome.

Both titles are undoubtedly successful, setting a high bar for other games trying to capture the attention of App Store users, especially during the bustling holiday season.

John Devis

John is a passionate tech enthusiast with a deep love for all things Apple. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the latest trends and innovations, John brings a fresh perspective to the world of Apple products.