Apple, Microsoft Buy Novell Patents for $450 Million

In a recent strategic move, Novell, under new ownership by Attachmate, has seen several of its patents become available for acquisition. Apple, in collaboration with Microsoft, has seized this opportunity and, along with other partners, has acquired these patents for a sum of $450 million.

The entity formed through this partnership, CPTN Holdings LLC, now controls 882 patents that were initially filed by Novell. Documents indicate that CPTN Holdings LLC was established as a consortium led by Microsoft, suggesting that these patents might be used defensively or divided among the partners, including Apple, based on mutual agreements.

Moreover, Apple is also eyeing a significant patent portfolio from the bankrupt Nortel Networks, which includes around 4,000 patents valued at over $1 billion.

Apple is keen on securing a portion of these patents, with Microsoft and Google also showing interest in this collection. These acquisitions are part of a broader strategy by Apple to strengthen its patent arsenal amidst various ongoing legal battles with other smartphone manufacturers.

The aggressive pursuit of patents by tech giants like Apple reflects a shift from the original intent of patents but is indicative of the competitive nature of the tech industry where legal defenses are crucial.


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