Apple Unveils Santa-Themed iPhone 4 Commercial

Apple recently unveiled a festive advertisement for the iPhone called “Under the Covers.” The commercial shows a touching scene where a mother and her young son are lying in bed, and the son is chatting with Santa via FaceTime on his iPhone 4. After the mother exits, the boy sneakily continues his conversation under the blanket.

The scene shifts to reveal the father dressed as Santa Claus, and it becomes clear that the parents have set up a makeshift Santa’s workshop in their garage, using modern technology to keep the magic alive for their son. The ad is set to the tune of “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole.

While the advertisement is indeed charming, I had secretly hoped for a holiday ad from Apple featuring Krampus, the mythical creature from Alpine folklore who is known as Santa’s darker counterpart. Maybe that will be a treat for another holiday season.

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John Devis

John is a passionate tech enthusiast with a deep love for all things Apple. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the latest trends and innovations, John brings a fresh perspective to the world of Apple products.