iPhone 5 Components Featured in Leaked Video?

According to a report by Boy Genius Report, a video released by GlobalDirectParts has surfaced, showcasing what they claim are components of the upcoming iPhone, potentially the iPhone 5. The footage highlights several changes in the metal casing compared to the current iPhone, particularly the altered positions of the “break points” or black bands, likely a response to the antenna issues seen in the iPhone 4.

The design of the case remains largely similar to that of the iPhone 4, suggesting it might be a minor update, possibly an “iPhone 4.5” for an anticipated Verizon release rather than a completely new generation.

Notably, the case includes a SIM card slot, which could indicate a dual GSM/CDMA capability, although it’s also possible that this part is either an early prototype or a counterfeit.

Leaks regarding iPhone 5 components might seem premature, but it’s worth noting that repair company iResQ acquired the iPhone 4’s front faceplate as early as February 2010. The resemblance between this newly revealed case and the iPhone 4’s supports the theory that the iPhone 5 might be a subtle upgrade similar to the transition from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS.

GlobalDirectParts has also hinted at upcoming details about the new iPhone’s display and motherboard, promising more revelations next week.

Update: The video has since been removed following a copyright claim by Apple, which certainly diminishes the likelihood of it being a “fake Chinese knockoff,” as speculated by some at TUAW. The true nature of the device, whether it be the iPhone 5 or an iPhone 4.5, remains to be confirmed.


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