Spotify Secures New US Agreement with Sony Music

Last week, we covered a New York Post article that highlighted Spotify’s impending deal with Sony Music, which would mark a significant step towards launching its services in the U.S. market.

Recent updates from MediaMemo confirm that the agreement has been finalized.

Although neither Spotify nor Sony have made official comments, sources suggest that the terms are similar to those Spotify has with European music labels.

Despite this progress, Spotify must still forge additional partnerships with other major labels to enhance its music offerings before it can roll out its service stateside. Challenges remain, as reported by MediaMemo, with concerns that Spotify’s free streaming might further decline CD sales, which have been the primary revenue source for labels despite a decade-long downturn.

Additionally, there’s worry that these deals could strain relationships with Apple, which dominates the digital music sales landscape through its iTunes platform.

Moreover, The Post also noted last week that another major label has shown interest in supporting Spotify. This could indicate potential upcoming announcements about further partnerships.

[Source: Boy Genius]


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