iPhone Users Average 108 Apps, Spend 84 Minutes Daily

A recent analysis of 1,000 iOS devices linked to Appsfire’s mobile app discovery platform has unveiled some fascinating data on app usage among its users. The data, presented in an infographic, indicates a strong preference for native apps over web apps among iOS users.

On average, an iOS user engages with apps on their device for 84 minutes daily, compared to just ten minutes spent on web apps.

It’s noted that an average iOS device houses 108 apps, which includes 20 pre-installed apps and 88 downloaded from the App Store.

Further details from Appsfire show that 58% of these apps are free, 23% are paid, and the remaining 19% are the default apps included with the device. Users spend about 10% of their app time on telephony features, while 47% of the time is dedicated to popular apps such as Angry Birds and Instagram.

The insights provided are particularly relevant to a segment of users who actively seek out and utilize apps.

Below is the infographic that summarizes these findings. Share your thoughts in the comments if these statistics resonate with your app usage habits.

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