TinyGrab Refuses to Offer Subscriptions via App Store

Another developer has recently decided to bypass Apple’s subscription restrictions. Following the footsteps of Rhapsody and Readability, TinyGrab has also expressed dissatisfaction. Unlike Readability, which was outright rejected, TinyGrab has chosen not to pursue development for the App Store due to what it calls “Apple’s new greedy model.” The company had hoped to offer its premium, subscription-based file sharing service on both iOS and Mac App Store platforms.

However, Apple’s stringent policies on user data sharing and the limitations on account longevity make this unfeasible. Despite being prepared to surrender the 30 percent revenue cut, TinyGrab cannot comply with the prohibitions against paid upgrades or externally added features.

TinyGrab still intends to continue its development for Mac and is even gearing up to launch a new software version this week. Yet, they claim Apple has essentially “locked us out” from the App Stores with its excessive demands.

It’s important to note that these companies voicing their concerns are not major players, and many businesses find Apple’s terms acceptable, as evidenced by several who have already begun offering subscriptions.

Despite the grievances from TinyGrab, Apple is legally entitled to enforce these conditions provided they do not breach antitrust laws. Nevertheless, the discontent among developers regarding in-app subscription deals is mounting. Perhaps Apple might reconsider its revenue cut for services that integrate content as a key part of their functionality, rather than for those that are purely content-based.

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