Intel and Apple Unveil Thunderbolt Technology in MacBook Pro

As reported by CNET, Intel is gearing up for a press event this Thursday where it plans to unveil its Light Peak technology. Initially introduced in 2009, Light Peak is a pioneering high-speed interface technology designed to consolidate multiple computer ports including SCSI, SATA, USB, FireWire, and PCI Express.

An Intel executive has confirmed that Light Peak, which currently utilizes copper instead of optical technology, is set for its market launch, promising a data transfer speed of 10 gigabits per second in both directions.

Speculation dating back to November 2010 has suggested that Apple might integrate Light Peak into its MacBook Pro lineup for 2011. This is further supported by the upcoming San Francisco press event, where Intel has hinted at discussing “a new technology poised to hit the market.” Apple’s collaboration with Intel on the Light Peak technology was highlighted during an early demonstration using a Mac OS X system.

Reports from Fsklog and Mac4Ever suggest that Light Peak might be introduced as Thunderbolt in the upcoming MacBook Pro models.

They claim to have exclusive images and details, including a photo of the supposed Light Peak port (resembling a mini-display port), a promotional Thunderbolt logo, and a spec sheet. However, these images could potentially be manipulated using digital editing tools.


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