Verizon CEO Reports Strong iPhone 4 Sales, Teases Future Apple LTE Products

In a recent interview, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead addressed rumors about sluggish sales of the Verizon iPhone, stating that the launch of the iPhone 4 on their network broke all previous sales records for a product launch. While specific figures were not disclosed, Mead assured that detailed sales data would be shared in the upcoming quarterly earnings report.

The introduction of the iPhone at Verizon stores and Apple retail locations was marked by fewer and shorter lines, which Mead explained was not indicative of weak demand but rather the result of a deliberate strategy to phase the launch.

He revealed that the launch was divided into three stages, with 60 percent of the sales occurring online during the first two pre-sale events on February 3 and 9, before the official release on February 10.

Mead also teased future developments between Apple and Verizon, particularly around the integration of LTE technology. He expressed confidence in Apple’s commitment to LTE, suggesting that upcoming devices would support Verizon’s 4G network.

“You’ll see more coming from Apple on LTE. They understand the value proposition of LTE and I feel very confident that they are going to be a part of it,” Mead commented.

At the same event, Apple’s COO Tim Cook spoke about the challenges of incorporating LTE into Apple devices.

John Devis

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