Key Features Missing from Today’s iPad Launch Event

The atmosphere at the Yerba Buena Center was charged with anticipation as the latest iPad was unveiled. While the device presents several enhancements, it doesn’t quite revolutionize the tablet market, potentially causing some tension among competitors like Android and the yet-to-be-released BlackBerry tablets.

Despite the usual hype surrounding Apple’s product launches, there are a few areas where I felt the new iPad could have improved.

Storage Capacity: It’s disappointing to see that the iPad’s storage options have not evolved. With the iPhone’s storage capacity increasing without a hike in price, one would expect the iPad to follow suit. Ideally, the base model would start at 32 GB instead of 16 GB without adding to the cost.

Display Quality: The screen resolution remains unchanged, which is understandable to avoid a price increase.

However, an option for an anti-glare display would have been beneficial for users who frequently use their devices outdoors or in brightly lit environments.

Aspect Ratio: As more devices move towards a wider aspect ratio, it would have been progressive for the iPad to adopt a similar change. This adjustment might be more likely with the release of the iPad 3, although it could complicate things for app developers.

Camera Quality: The VGA camera for FaceTime is sufficient for smartphones, but a higher quality camera would be more appropriate for the larger display of the iPad.

iOS 4.3 Enhancements: The update introduces notable improvements like AirPlay and better Safari performance. However, the notification system still disrupts the user experience, an issue that Android has managed to handle more adeptly. Perhaps this will be addressed in iOS 5.

Email Integration: The current setup requires users to exit applications to check emails, which disrupts workflow.

I find myself keeping my iPhone within reach to avoid constantly switching apps on my iPad. It’s high time for Apple to offer a more seamless solution.

Despite these critiques, the new iPad is poised to be a major success. Anticipating high demand, Apple has decided against pre-orders, likely to avoid the low turnout seen during the Verizon iPhone launch. sparse attendance.

Many of you will probably join the queue for this device, but I’m curious about your thoughts.

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