Insights on the Launch of Apple’s iPad 2: Key Features and Impact

The unveiling of each new Apple product typically sparks a flurry of contemplation and analysis, and the introduction of the iPad 2 was no different. At TUAW, Erica Sadun mused on why technical specifications are secondary, while Chris Rawson pondered consumer purchase intentions. Engadget’s Josh Topolsky added that we are indeed navigating a post-PC world.

With my own beard in hand, I offer a series of reflections and insights on the finer details of the recent announcement, exploring aspects perhaps not as widely discussed elsewhere.

The Evolution of Devices

Steve Jobs convincingly argued that the iPad is a “post-PC” device, adept at handling everyday tasks like browsing the internet, managing photos, and shopping online. However, the iPad’s dependency on iTunes for initial setup is a stark contrast to the plug-and-play nature of Android tablets or the pre-configured Kindle, highlighting a significant user experience snag.

Another point of contention is the practicality of using the iPad’s iMovie app. While the app itself is user-friendly, the logistics of shooting and transferring video using the iPad can be cumbersome, requiring a physical connection to iTunes.

This process feels increasingly outdated.UPDATE: Tyler Gentles via Twitter highlighted that a Dock cable and USB dongle can facilitate this transfer.

Despite its capabilities, the iPad still isn’t a standalone device for most, which suggests it hasn’t fully ushered in the post-PC era just yet. The future, however, may be shaped by cloud services.

Innovative Accessories

The Smart Cover, while innovative, isn’t entirely new in concept. Incase already offers a similar product for the first-generation iPad. This revelation might cool the ardor of those envious of the new cover but hesitant to upgrade. The Smart Cover’s design cleverly integrates a magnetic attachment, which enhances usability but also cleverly increases the perceived value of the iPad, potentially justifying a subtle price increase.

The range of colors available for the cheaper covers versus the more expensive leather options represents a strategic upsell by Apple.

Despite Apple’s clever market positioning, there remains a vibrant market for third-party cases, which suggests that not everyone will opt for the Smart Cover. The accessory ecosystem around the iPad continues to thrive, offering consumers a variety of protective options.

The simplicity with which the Smart Cover attaches and detaches from the iPad marks a significant improvement over previous accessory designs, which often were not compatible with other Apple products like the dock. This ease of use surpasses even that of the Kindle’s cover design.

Interestingly, the Smart Cover’s design philosophy underscores a broader Apple strategy: rather than merely selling a device, Apple curates a comprehensive user experience that extends from the software to the physical interaction with the device. This holistic approach is something that Android tablet manufacturers, who focus more on specifications than on user experience, often overlook.

Enhanced Processing Power

Jobs emphasized the new A5 CPU’s dual-core design, suggesting significant performance improvements without a corresponding increase in clock speed. This architectural choice implies that while single-threaded applications may not see performance gains, the overall user experience will likely feel much snappier due to better multitasking capabilities.

Controversial Comparisons

A controversial moment came when Jobs used a quote from Samsung’s CEO, which was later revealed to have been mistranslated, to critique the Galaxy Tab.


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