AT&T iPhone Downloads Outpace Verizon, Study Shows

Earlier today, we discussed how Verizon’s iPad data plans are outperforming AT&T’s in terms of cost. However, for those more interested in download speeds, AT&T might still be the better choice.

According to a report by Network World, Metrico Wireless found that in five major US cities, the iPhone 4’s download speeds on AT&T were twice as fast as those on Verizon.

While AT&T led in download speeds, especially when on the move, Verizon’s iPhone showed superior upload speeds when stationary.

This information isn’t particularly new for those who have been tracking the performance since the Verizon iPhone was introduced. A recent TUAW review confirmed slower data speeds for the Verizon iPhone in Los Angeles, which isn’t surprising given that CDMA is inherently older technology.

This is an important consideration for potential iPad 2 buyers, as the Verizon version will also use CDMA technology.

Tj Luoma

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