Apple Stores Likely to Open Early Tomorrow Morning

Rumors are swirling that several Apple retail locations might open their doors early tomorrow with fresh batches of iPad 2s ready for sale. However, before you rush to prepare for an early morning shopping spree, it’s worth pausing.

A quick check with several stores in the vicinity of our team members revealed that none confirmed plans to open early or stock the iPad 2 tomorrow.

Feel free to make a call to your local Apple Store to verify, but it appears unlikely that this is a widespread policy. Update: A few customers reported that their local stores did indeed offer early sales of the iPad 2, but others were less fortunate, arriving early only to find out that no iPads were available, leading to disappointment.

Currently, the most straightforward method to secure an iPad 2 might be to simply order it from the website and endure the 3-4 week delivery period.

We also have additional suggestions for those determined to find one sooner. Checking larger retailers like Best Buy and Walmart might yield some success, as these stores occasionally have stock of in-demand Apple products.

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