Chipworks Disassembles Apple A5 Processor: An In-Depth Look

For those who revel in the details of technology, you’ll appreciate the deep dive into the analysis of the A5 processor used in the iPad 2.

It has been confirmed by Chipworks that the A5 processor is manufactured by Samsung, contradicting speculations about TSMC’s involvement.

This partnership may evolve, particularly if the A5 is integrated into future iPhone models.

The A5’s size is notably larger than its predecessor, the A4, measuring at 120 square millimeters compared to the A4’s 53 square millimeters.

This size increase plays a significant role in enhancing the performance capabilities of the iPad 2.

According to Chipworks, dissecting the chip involves removing layers down to where the block layout can be observed, a challenging task given the nine layers of metal involved.


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