Apple Adjusts iPad 2 Inventory Shipment Strategy

According to a recent disclosure by AppleInsider, Apple has implemented a new strategy concerning the distribution of the iPad 2. The tech giant now mandates that its retail outlets retain newly arrived iPad 2 units for up to 24 hours before they are made available for purchase.

This approach is designed to streamline inventory management, allowing sufficient time for store managers to accurately record and organize incoming stock before it hits the sales floor.

This change might lead to potential misinformation among customers seeking to buy the device. Store employees might inform customers that the iPad 2s just arrived, even though they were delivered the previous day.

Additionally, customers might be told that the store is out of stock when, in fact, units are available but withheld until the following day. Despite the confusion this might cause, the rationale behind the policy is to prevent the chaos of having iPads sold as soon as they are delivered, which can disrupt the store’s inventory system.

Apple has not officially commented on this internal policy change.

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