iPhone to Introduce Group Video Chat Through Fring App

The mobile application fring is currently developing a feature for group video chat capabilities within its platforms for both iOS and Android. This forthcoming update is expected to support real-time video conversations with up to four users simultaneously.

To refine this feature before its public release, fring is inviting users to sign up for a beta testing phase.

Although the promotional video for this new function shows some lag, this might be influenced by various factors such as internet speed or the hardware capabilities of devices like the iPhone 4. However, given the iPad 2’s ability to smoothly handle multiple video streams thanks to its advanced A5 processor, it remains to be seen how well fring’s new feature will perform across different devices.

It’s worth noting that fring has been a pioneer in mobile video chatting, introducing these services well before Skype’s iOS app and even Apple’s own FaceTime.

This leads to speculation about whether Skype will soon introduce a similar group video chat feature. For now, many users would appreciate if Skype would at least release an app optimized for iPads, as the current iPhone version offers limited functionality.

Reported by CNET.


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