Nasdaq Reduces Apple’s Share in Nasdaq-100 Index

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Nasdaq-100 stock index, managed by Nasdaq, is set to adjust Apple’s weighting, reducing it from 20.5% to approximately 12.3%. This adjustment aims to better reflect the actual volume of Apple shares available.

This change affects 81 companies with reduced weightings, while 19 others, including tech giants like Google and Microsoft, will see an increase. This is the first major adjustment since 1998, a time when Apple’s market presence was much smaller.

The rebalancing, scheduled for May 2, is anticipated to trigger some market movements and potentially brief instability due to the trading adjustments.

However, the overall goal is to maintain the stability of the index despite significant growth or declines in the companies it tracks.

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More details on this development can be found on AppleInsider.


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