Speculation: Best Buy Stops Selling iPad 2, Apple Involved [Updated]

In a recent development, sources have revealed that certain Best Buy locations have been instructed by their managers not to sell any iPad 2 units as of last Thursday. This directive was confirmed by a spokesperson who mentioned that the inventory is being reserved for a forthcoming promotional event, as reported by Boy Genius Report.

An intriguing tip suggests that Apple has imposed a sales halt on the iPad 2 at Best Buy outlets.

The source claims that all units, except for demo models, have been pulled from the shelves indefinitely.

This rumor gained traction after CrunchGear also received a tip from an alleged Best Buy employee stating that Apple has temporarily restricted Best Buy from selling the iPad 2. According to the report, this decision is not related to Best Buy’s recent advertisement which mocked the iPad.

Rather, it is believed that Best Buy was not adhering to fair sales practices by setting artificial daily sales limits and misleading customers about product availability.

It is rumored that this practice came to the attention of Apple’s Tim Cook, leading to significant dissatisfaction within Apple regarding Best Buy’s handling of iPad 2 sales.

While these reports are yet to be officially confirmed, they raise questions about inventory and sales practices at major retailers. If you plan to purchase an iPad 2 from Best Buy in the near future, you might find the shelves empty, and not necessarily due to the global shortage of the device.

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