iPhone Unlocking Services Guarantee No Hacking

In recent times, a number of online platforms have emerged offering services that enable iPhone users to unlock their devices without needing to jailbreak or employ any hacks, albeit at a significant cost. Websites like CutYourSim and Negri Electronics claim to provide “permanent” unlocking solutions, while UnlockBase and GSMPhoneSource also offer similar services.

The cost for these unlocking services typically ranges from $170 to $180.

What sets these services apart is their method of unlocking, which does not involve any form of hacking or jailbreaking. According to iPhone jailbreak expert MuscleNerd, these services seem to have direct access to Apple’s database, adding IMEI numbers which prompt iTunes to unlock the device upon its next connection.

CutYourSim assures that their unlocking process is recognized as an “official iPhone unlock,” and thus, does not void the warranty of the device.

However, users considering these services should proceed with caution. Although the unlocks are advertised as permanent, there is a possibility that Apple could identify which IMEI numbers have been unlocked through these third-party services and may choose to relock the devices.

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