iOS Surpasses Android Including iPod Touch, iPad

Recent data from comScore, derived from their MobiLens marketing analytics, reveals that Apple’s iOS platform, which includes the iPad and iPod touch, has a significantly larger user base than Android in the United States, surpassing it by 59 percent.

According to the findings, there are 37,868,000 users of iOS in the US, while Android has about 23,763,000 users. These figures represent market shares of 16.2 percent for Apple and 10.2 percent for Android in terms of total US mobile subscribers.

Notably, the number of iPhones and iPod touches are nearly identical, and both are double the number of iPads, a remarkable statistic given the iPad’s recent introduction to the market just 10 months prior to the study.

Mark Donovan, comScore’s senior vice president of mobile, pointed out that these statistics demonstrate the broad reach of Apple’s ecosystem beyond just the iPhone. He also challenged the stereotype that Apple’s user base primarily consists of “Apple fanboys”.

The study further highlighted that not all iPad owners use iPhones.

About 27 percent of iPad users also own iPhones, whereas around 14 percent have Android phones. Interestingly, brands like Samsung, LG, and Nokia have a higher representation among iPad owners than in the smartphone market at large.

Another aspect of the comScore analysis focused on the age demographics of iPad users, revealing a concentration in the 25-34 year age group.


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