RockMelt Launches New iPhone App for Enhanced Social Browsing

The team at RockMelt is excited to announce the introduction of their iOS browser that seamlessly integrates social networking features and ensures that users’ settings, bookmarks, and contacts are automatically synchronized across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Eric Vishria, the founder of the company, emphasizes that the simplicity and user-friendliness of their browser set it apart from competitors.

“Our target isn’t the tech-savvy power users who enjoy customizing every aspect of their browsers.

We focus on delivering a straightforward experience that lets everyday users engage with their interests without the hassle of manual adjustments,” he explains.

With the termination of Flock, RockMelt is poised to capture more of the browser market, particularly benefiting from the new mobile version’s feature of syncing data across devices.

While the app is still pending approval from Apple, expectations are high that it will be available for download by the end of this week, further enhancing RockMelt’s growing reputation and user base.


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