Untrackerd App Clears Stored Location Data on Jailbroken iPhones

It appears that iPhones and iPads are capturing details about your movements by utilizing cell tower data. Whether you suspect Apple of covertly tracking you or merely think it’s collecting cell tower locations to enhance connection speeds, if you’re uncomfortable with this, there’s now a solution.

Ryan Petrich, a prominent developer in the jailbreak community, has developed a no-cost utility named “untrackerd” that operates silently in the background, constantly erasing the location history data.

To use this utility, your device must be a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. If you are concerned about the accessibility of your device’s location history, you can download this 37 KB application from the BigBoss repository via Cydia for some added peace of mind.

Simply install the app and feel more secure about your privacy.

[Source: 9to5Mac]


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