US Army Chooses Android Devices Over iPhone Models

According to a recent report by Wired, the US Army has selected an Android-based device as the inaugural smartphone for its troops. Currently in the prototype phase, this device is known as the Joint Battle Command-Platform.

The Army plans to release a software development kit for Android developers in July, with the device already equipped with mapping and troop tracking applications.

The decision to go with Android over iPhone is logical for the Army, as it allows for the creation of customized hardware solutions without depending on external companies like Apple for critical system enhancements.

The design of the smartphone does not prioritize aesthetics; instead, it focuses on durability and functionality, essential for military use. Unlike consumer smartphones such as the iPhone or the HTC Thunderbolt, which may not withstand harsh conditions, the Joint Battle Command-Platform is built tough, weighing approximately two pounds.

While the Army is currently favoring Android, Wired notes that this could change in the future.

Nevertheless, the open nature of Android’s operating system makes it a more likely choice over the more restrictive iOS platform from Apple.

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